5 Minutes With….Katharine at Rock Paper Stars

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5 Minutes With….Katharine at Rock Paper Stars

Spring has officially sprung! The shine is shining (at least it is here….) and we are heading full force in Christmas planning – yep you heard that right. But enough of Christmas! With weddings, baby showers and lots of summery events in the diary, we decided we should have a chat with owner of the fab stationery company Rock Paper Stars, Katharine!



1. So who are you, what do you do, where do you live? Stats please!

My name is Katharine and I’m the owner of Rock Paper Stars. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland, with my husband, two daughters, and from July, a tiny little kitten (current favourite name; Bellatrix). At Rock Paper Stars I design and make gifts and stationery – particularly party invitations, baby shower and hen party activities, and jewellery . I’m partial to an inspirational quote, too! We have quite a mixture of products, which totally sums me up. I get excited – some might say distracted! – by new ideas all the time!

2. What inspired you to start your amazing business?

My business started about 4 years ago. My younger daughter wanted a pony themed birthday party, but the choice here in the UK was really limited. Meanwhile, I could see from Pinterest and some entertaining blogs I followed that Stateside, there was a huge array of partyware available; lots of it designed by small businesses. I set about designing my own pony-themed invitations for my daughter, and that was the spark that lit the fuse.

3. Who is your greatest supporter?

It’s such a cliché, but most definitely my husband. I’m not the world’s most confident person, so when someone has complete and utter faith in you and your abilities, it’s a huge support. There is no way I would be doing this today without him. Especially at Christmas!

4. Ok, so more about you, night in with a takeaway, or glad rags on for a night out on the town?

Oooh, that’s a toughie! Depends on my mood. I do love a night on the sofa, especially if we’re binge-watching something on Netflix, but a great night out with good friends is a nice reminder that I’m not totally over the hill yet!

5. Watch a film or read a book?

I’m part of a Book Group with 8 other lovely, fun ladies, so I will have to say book. However, I must admit, these days it’s more about a glass or two of wine and a catch up than discussing a book! The intention is always there, though!

6. Black or white?

Black. It’s more slimming, right?!

7. Home or away for your holidays? (Share your destination tips!)

Eeek. Both again? We had a super family holiday in New England last October. We packed so much in and we enjoyed every moment. I hope it’s one of these childhood holidays the kids will remember forever. However, we live on the edge of Royal Deeside, with beautiful countryside – mountains, lochs, rivers and glens – and fabulous walks right on the doorstep. An hour’s drive and I feel like I’m in another world.

8. Sunday mornings…..breakfast in bed or time to get outside?

Breakfast in bed, definitely!

9. Who would be your five ideal dinner guests (alive or dead)?

OK, I love a panel show quiz, so I’m going to invite my favourite comedians round: David Mitchell, Sarah Millican, Lee Mack, Josh Widdecombe and Jack Whitehall. Should be fun. I’ll just listen!

10. And finally THE most important question….tea or coffee??

Coffee! About 5 cups a day!

Thanks Katharine!

To see more about Katharine, visit http://www.rockpaperstars.com/








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