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We decided it was high time that we started a Perkulatte blog, something that we could share with each and every one of our lovely coffee fans; an insight into the going ons at Perkulatte, our newest products, the next coffee we have to share with you all and lots of other lovely things!

As a small business ourselves, we’re lucky enough to get to be part of this amazing and supportive community of other small business owners- a community built on sharing tips and experiences, offering advice at the most trivial of problems and most importantly laughing with (and sometimes at) each other as we learn the rocky path that is running a business.

So, to start our blog, we decided to introduce you to a member of this community [we’ll continue to introduce you to a whole array of business owners as well]. Say hello to Kirsty!

Kirsty owns and runs her beautiful homewares business, Elm Tree Studio, in the heart of Leicestershire. With her amazing curly hair and bubbly personality to match, we had a quick 5 minute interview with Kirsty to learn a bit more about her and her business!


Here goes…

1. So who are you, what do you do, where do you live? Stats please!
My name iss Kirsty (but also answers to Fred, Niffy and Fretter’s) I design fabrics based on my original embroideries and appliques; these are then made into homewares and gifts. I live in Countesthorpe in Leicestershire, the same village as I was born!!!

2. What inspired you to start your amazing business?
A family tragedy and a new baby was the catalyst to starting Elm Tree Studio. I was a garment technologist and knitwear designer in a previous life so designing/making is all that I know and love.

3. Who is your greatest supporter?
My family.

4. Ok, so more about you, night in with a takeaway, or glad rags on for a night out on the town?
Pj’s, wine and Indian takeaway.

5. Watch a film or read a book?
Films when at home, nothing too highbrow! Love a good action or comedy. When I’m on holiday is when I catch up on reading, mainly chick lit. Films and books are my escapism from the real world.

6. Black or white?

7. Home or away for your holidays? (Share your destination tips!)
Away, I need sunshine, beaches, sea, siesta’s.

8. Sunday mornings…..breakfast in bed or time to get outside?
With two children and two cats, there’s no chance of breakfast in bed! More of a stumble downstairs for tea.

9. Who would be your five ideal dinner guests (alive or dead)?
Dinner parties are meant to be fun so, Graham Norton, Joan Collins, Dolly Parton, Simon Cowell and maybe someone controversial like Piers Morgan…

10. And finally THE most important question….tea or coffee??
Good old builders tea in the morning, until after the school run when I switch to coffee. I’m very fussy with coffee and has to be “real” coffee, so we have a bean to cup coffee maker which I LOVE. Both are taken strong, with a splash of milk and no sugar.

Thanks Kirsty!

To see more about Kirsty and Elm Tree Studio, visit www.elmtreestudio.co.uk



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