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It is officially my most favourite eating day of the year (well, apart from Christmas Day…obviously!). Since I was a child, the tradition of spending the night before Pancake Day prepping a pancake mix, hasn’t changed, even now into my 30s!

I am an absolute stickler for tradition and tend not to sway far from the simple lemon and sugar as a pancake topping, but in recent years, I’ve been known to add a little spoonful of Nutella…..or a banana…I know stop me! Too brave!

But enough of my creativity when it comes to pancakes. What better way to celebrate Pancake Day (apart from eating the pancakes) then to have a little chat with Zoe from The Little Pancake Company, a business related ENTIRELY to the awesomeness that is Pancake Day!

Say hi to Zoe everyone….


The Little Pancake Company Logo


1. So who are you, what do you do, where do you live? Stats please!

My name is Zoe and I founded The Little Pancake Company. I live in Colchester, Essex, with my husband Tom and our puppy Wilbur. At The Little Pancake Co we make gourmet pancake batter mixes to help people make stacks of fluffy American pancakes at home. Our pancake mixes are packed full of real ingredients. My favourite flavour, Rocky Road, has mini marshmallows, Belgian milk chocolate and biscuit pieces in and is seriously delicious.

2. What inspired you to start your amazing business?

My business really started as a recipe blog. I lived in Paris for a year at university and got used to being able to pick up a citron sucre crepe on any street corner. I loved making pancakes at home and would upload my latest creations to my website. I dreamt of one day opening a pancake house and thought a good stepping stone would be developing a range of pancake mixes but I’ve had so much fun creating the mixes and designing the packaging that there are no current plans for a pancake house… although I have already decided that all the tables will be tepees filled with fairy lights and fluffy pillows. I love the idea of creating somewhere magical where people can escape for a while.

3. Who is your greatest supporter?

I am so lucky to have amazing support from my friends and family. If I post on Facebook that I’m up late finishing a big corporate order, I’ll get a flood of texts from friends offering to help label pouches and tie ribbons. My husband is a huge support too and I never would have been able to grow the business to where it is today without him.

4. Ok, so more about you, night in with a takeaway, or glad rags on for a night out on the town?

Definitely a night in – pyjamas, pancakes and prosecco!

5. Watch a film or read a book?

I love watching films and it’s one of the only times I genuinely switch off. My favourite film is When Harry Met Sally (which actually does feature pancakes!).

6. Black or white?

White – one of my favourite things is a homemade salted caramel latte with a stack of our Rocky Road pancakes. It’s my idea of heaven.

7. Home or away for your holidays? (Share your destination tips!)

I love to travel. A few years ago I took a pancake road trip down the coast of America which was amazing. This year Tom and I are hoping to drive through France, Switzerland and Italy with Wilbur.

8. Sunday mornings…..breakfast in bed or time to get outside?

I tend to get up early for a run or hit the gym on a Sunday morning but this weekend Tom has promised me a pancake breakfast in bed as I think I’ll spend my pancake day making pancakes for everyone else!

9. Who would be your five ideal dinner guests (alive or dead)?

I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan so would have to say Lorelai, Rory and Richard. I’d then probably have to invite my two sisters as they would not be happy if I went without them!

10. And finally THE most important question….tea or coffee??

With pancakes it’s got to be coffee!

As it’s pancake day, we have to ask what your favourite topping is!

My favourite pancake topping is a rum syrup that I make – the recipe is on our website and it is ridiculously good!

Thanks Zoe!

To see more about Zoe and The Little Pancake Co, visit www.thelittlepancakecompany.com




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