How quickly will my coffee arrive?

As a subscription service, what we offer is all down to you! So you can select what date your coffee is dispatched. We currently dispatch every Wednesday so you can decide between this week, next week or a month from now!

Where do you deliver?

We send out all coffee via Royal Mail 1st class post and deliver to almost every address within the UK that can receive post!

Do I have to be at home for the delivery?

For our subscription service or individual packs of coffee, no. Our letterbox-friendly packs fit through 90% of letterboxes in the UK. If you’re concerned, we can deliver to your workplace instead! For our gift packages, someone will need to be at home to take receipt of them.

How do I upgrade/downgrade between plans?

Simply login into your account and select the necessary change you would like to make.

Account Access Problems/Change Password

Try using the “Forgot Password” link and entering your details. If that doesn’t work for what ever reason, contact us at and we’ll sort it out for you.

How much is your coffee?

The price will depend on how long you would like your subscription to run for!

How much is postage and packing?

It’s free! Our prices include the freshly roasted coffee, postage, packing and a big smile!

How often do I pay?

For our subscription gifts, packages and individual bags, just the once. You pay for your subscription up front and we will deliver monthly for the length of your subscription service. For our ongoing monthly subscription service, the monthly charge will be taken from your bank account once every month. The day the money is taken will depend on the day you first sign up for the service, e.g. if you sign up on the 17th, then all future payments will be taken on the 17th of each month.

How do I update my address details?

If you’d like to change your address details, just visit your account page.

Why is PerkULatte more expensive than the supermarket?

You’ll understand the moment you taste your first coffee! All our coffees come from single origin microlots and hand-roasted in the UK by our small independent coffee experts shortly before shipping. If you don’t agree, you can cancel your subscription any time!

Where does PerkULatte coffee come from?

Simply, all over the place! We do the research so you don’t have to and source the best coffee from all over the world from farmers who are passionate about the way in which the coffee is grown, picked and then roasted and packed.

How much coffee will I get in a pack?

Each month you will receive 240g of our finest coffee from around the World.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

We are better than fair trade. We only supply coffee to you that we know has come from farmers that have been treated fairly. Being “Fairly traded” coffee, we typically see farmers get between x2-x4 times what they would have received as we pay them directly!

How fresh is the coffee?

As fresh as it can be! We roast it at the last possible moment before it is shipped so that by the time it reaches you, it has the maximum flavour that it should have, providing you with great coffee every day for the month!

Is the coffee freshly ground?

We offer our coffee whole bean or preground, so if you’d like yours ground, just let us know and this will be done the day before it gets shipped to you.

How should I store my coffee?

After your coffee is opened, it needs to be kept sealed in its packet or in an airtight jar. It should be kept in a cool dark place, such as your kitchen cupboard.

I have a coupon code. How do I apply it to my order?

Once you visit the checkout you will see the option to apply a discount code.