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As a growing business, we are always looking for ways to improve the ways in which we present our products to our customers.

We took the decision in late 2017 to switch away from kraft coffee bags to black matte bags, to fall in line with our new and improved branding. In doing so, we had to up our game with our coffee labels. Something that still told the story of all of our coffee, but kept in mind our branding and the look we wanted to achieve.

A fellow small business owner tipped us off about Discount Sticker Printing, so we got in touch to find out more about them. Immediately we knew we’d found a good match. Discount Sticker Printing are able to produce just about any label you need. And the best bit, you can have stickers cut into ANY shape or size you need. They also offer a variety of materials and finishes to the sticker and can be delivered either on rolls or sheets. So really, the perfect find!








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