Artisan Coffee Sample Pack


Know that person who can’t quite make a decision? Or perhaps you’re looking for your new favourite coffee? Our artisan coffee sample pack gives you the chance to explore three new coffees before deciding your favourite.

Made up of three 60g bags of fresh coffee, our sample pack gives the best of our coffee, but on a smaller scale, allowing the recipient to sample a minimum of 9 cups of coffee.

Just choose 3 from the following coffees –

– Brazil Anil Mantiquera –¬†Chocolate, pear, cherry, caramel

– Ethiopia Boleya – Blackberry, floral, orange, rose

– Burundi Agahore – Lemon, chocolate, apricot, blood orange

– Guatemala Cuchumatan – Chocolate, plum, tonic, strawberry

– El Salvador Los Nogales – Blackberry, raspberry, peach, elderflower

– Rwanda Karasha – Burdock, orange, pink grapefruit, brown sugar


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
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