Product Description

Add a little kick to your baby shower with these cute baby shower favours filled with coffee!

There is nothing better than a good ol' baby shower; guessing the baby's name, the weight, the day it will actually arrive! And to all your lovely family and friends who celebrate this milestone in your life, give them a little something to say thank-you!

Packed in mini hessian sacks, each baby shower favour contains 20g of fresh coffee (ground or whole bean), enough for one cup of coffee. Produced in Brazil, this chocolate and nutty flavoured coffee is artisan roasted in the UK and ground at the last possible moment before the baby shower, to ensure it is as fresh as can be.

As an extra, we personalise your favours with a tag with the Mum-to-be's name and the date of the baby shower. You can also pick from three tag colours, depending on whether you know the sex of the baby, or keep it neutral with yellow.

If you know the gender of your baby, how about making the tags either blue or pink, or if you'd prefer stick to a more neutral yellow. Personalised with the Mum-to-be's name and the date of the shower, it will be a lovely keepsake for your guests to take home with them and enjoy!

And not to worry, we have a special decaffeinated coffee just for the Mum-to-be and any other guests who would prefer decaffeinated coffee - just let us know how many you need when you place your order.