Baileys and Coffee Gift Set


Who doesn’t love a little tipple of alcohol in their coffee? Our Baileys and coffee gift set is the perfect present for someone who loves their fresh coffee, but also loves to make it a cheeky alcoholic coffee later on in the day.

Included in our Baileys and coffee gift set is a full 240g bag of fresh coffee (which you can choose the coffee included) and can be ground down to suit your brewing method (or kept as beans).

Just choose on of the following –

– Colombia Viani Cundinamarca – Redcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, peach

– Tanzania Mbili Twiga – Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, camomile, toffee

– Burundi Agahore – Lemon, chocolate, apricot, blood orange

– Guatemala Cuchumatan – Chocolate, plum, tonic, strawberry

– El Salvador Los Nogales – Blackberry, raspberry, peach, elderflower

– Rwanda Karasha – Burdock, orange, pink grapefruit, brown sugar


Alongside your coffee will be two bottles of Baileys (5cl) with the option to add two more bottles!

Why not make a Baileys Irish coffee with this set. All you need is –

– 110 ml piping hot strong coffee

– 50ml Baileys

– Chocolate shavings

Method – This is one of the simplest but yummiest recipes! Simply add your coffee and baileys into a glass. Stir together and garnish with chocolate shavings! Sit back and relax!

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