Coffee and Alcohol ‘Concoctions’ Gift Set


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Who doesn’t love a little tipple of alcohol in their coffee?

Our coffee and alcohol concoctions gift set is the perfect present for someone who loves their fresh coffee, but also loves to make it a cheeky alcoholic coffee later on in the day.

Included in our gift set is a full 240g bag of fresh coffee (which you can choose the coffee included) and can be ground down to suit your brewing method (or kept as beans). You can then pick four bottles of miniature alcohol bottles to include in the set; Baileys, Sailor Jerrys Rum, Jamesons Whiskey and Disaronno. Make it a complete mix of all four, or have four of the same alcohol. You decide!


Coffees to choose from

Coffees to choose from

Papua New Guinea Plantation A/X – Chocolate, nougat and caramel

Guatemala SHB Monte Flor – Bourbon biscuits, grapes, hazelnut and cocoa

Costa Rica SHB – Chocolate, almond and citrus

El Salvador Cerro de Ataco – Pecan pie with jammy fruit overtones

Colombia Suarez District – Caramel, chocolate and toffee

Mexico Terruno Nayarita – Honey, jam and nuts

Brazil ¾ 14 UP – Peanut butter and chocolate

India Mysore Plantation AA Bababudangiri – Clove, chocolate with a malt and biscuit aftertaste

Nicaragua SHG – Rich dark chocolate and prunes

Peru MCM – Chocolate and sweet with caramel notes

Guatemala Todosanterita – Chocolate, summer fruit and cherries

Alcohol Information

Alcohol Information

Baileys Irish Cream – 50ml bottle – 17% alcohol

Jameson Irish Whiskey – 50ml bottle – 40% alcohol

Disaronno – 50ml bottle – 28% alcohol

Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean Rum – 50ml – 40%

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