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Know someone who loves his coffee? Now they can have their daily coffee in this novelty personalised coffee can!

Show them how special they are, by giving them something that ONLY they can use! A whole can of coffee, either ground to how they like it, or whole bean so they can grind their own coffee. And the best bit, personalise it with their name, or maybe even a nickname!

Filled with 150g of fresh artisan roasted coffee, from our in house roastery in the heart of the country. Just pick your favourite coffee from the list below.

Papua New Guinea Plantation A/X – Chocolate, nougat and caramel

Guatemala SHB Monte Flor – Bourbon biscuits, grapes, hazelnut and cocoa

Costa Rica SHB – Chocolate, almond and citrus

El Salvador Cerro de Ataco – Pecan pie with jammy fruit overtones

Colombia Suarez District – Caramel, chocolate and toffee

Mexico Terruno Nayarita – Honey, jam and nuts

Brazil ¾ 14 UP – Peanut butter and chocolate

India Mysore Plantation AA Bababudangiri – Clove, chocolate with a malt and biscuit aftertaste

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