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Not sure which coffee you’d love best; try our coffee taster pack featuring all eight of our sample coffees!

Sometimes knowing what you love can be tough, so take away the guess work and get your hands on our favourite coffees and give them all a try!

Made up of 8 packets, our taster pack, with 20g of each coffee, will provide enough for 1-2 cups of coffee per pack; enough to share with a friend and compare notes, or just to have for yourself! And then once you’ve found your favourite (maybe even favourites), come back and get more!

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Coffees included

Coffees included

Papua New Guinea Plantation A/X – Chocolate, nougat and caramel

Guatemala SHB Monte Flor – Bourbon biscuits, grapes, hazelnut and cocoa

Costa Rica SHB – Chocolate, almond and citrus

El Salvador Cerro de Ataco – Pecan pie with jammy fruit overtones

Colombia Suarez District – Caramel, chocolate and toffee

Mexico Terruno Nayarita – Honey, jam and nuts

Brazil ¾ 14 UP – Peanut butter and chocolate

India Mysore Plantation AA Bababudangiri – Clove, chocolate with a malt and biscuit aftertaste

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