Product Description

Our Decaffeinated Brazil Santa Lucia coffee; packed full of malted milk biscuits and hazelnut flavours.

Working closely with the UK's best artisan roasters, who pay directly to the coffee farmers, means we can ensure you get only the best and most unique coffee from around the world, and our Decaffeinated Brazil Santa Lucia coffee is no exception.

About the farm-

Santa Lucia is located in Araxa in the state of Minas Gerais, and, with a total size of 5300 hectares, is one of the biggest farms in Brazil.

More than 3000 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves, which is three times more than the legal requirement under Brazilian law.

The farm was established in 1998 by ‘AC Café’ which is a family run business. Once the cherries have been machine picked they are taken to the wet mill where they are processed according to maturation. Coffee is dried on the patio for 24-30 hours before being put into a mechanical dryer for around 12 hours at 40 degrees Celsius.

Want to know more?

Where - Araxa, Minas Gerais, Brazil

How - Wet processed at 1000 - 1050 masl

Flavours - Malted milk biscuits and hazelnuts

Strength - Sweet and smooth with a grape and orange acidity

What you'll get-

One 240g bag of fresh coffee


All our coffee is available as whole bean or ground, so please let us know which you'd like when you make your selection!

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