Product Description

A sweet and succulent coffee, packed full of berry flavours and caramel, our El Salvador San Ernesto coffee makes a perfect mid afternoon coffee, with a little sweet treat!

Roasted in-house in our Midlands-based artisan roastery, all of our coffee is sourced to make sure only you get the best single origin coffee we can find. We roast to order, so you can be sure that what you receive has been been roasted just days before it reaches your doorstep.


About the coffee:

Where - Urrutias Group

How - Semi washed

Flavour notes - Caramel, redcurrant, cherry, honeysuckle

Strength - Delicate body, clear, tart acidity


About the farm:

Finca San Ernesto was established by the Urrutia family in 1870. The estate has its own processing mill which allows the Urrutias freedom to experiment with processing methods – traditionally coffee is fully washed in El Salvador giving its characteristic delicate body and clear, tart acidity but San Ernesto estate are taking their stunning Bourbon and Pacas varietals to exciting unexpected places with their semi-washed process.


What you'll get:

One 240g bag of fresh coffee



All our coffee is available as whole bean or ground, so please let us know which you'd like when you make your selection!


What else do we do:

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