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El Salvador San Ernesto


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Urrutias Group


Semi washed


Caramel, redcurrant, cherry, honeysuckle


Delicate body, clear, tart acidity



A sweet and succulent coffee, packed full of berry flavours and caramel, our El Salvador San Ernesto coffee makes a perfect mid afternoon coffee, with a little sweet treat!

Finca San Ernesto was established by the Urrutia family in 1870. The estate has its own processing mill which allows the Urrutias freedom to experiment with processing methods – traditionally coffee is fully washed in El Salvador giving its characteristic delicate body and clear, tart acidity but San Ernesto estate are taking their stunning Bourbon and Pacas varietals to exciting unexpected places with their semi-washed process.

What you’ll get:

One 240g bag of fresh coffee, whole bean or ground to suit your brewing method.

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