Product Description

Our Nicaragua Cerro de Jesus coffee; packed full of clementine and orangeflavours.

Working closely with the UK's best artisan roasters, who pay directly to the coffee farmers, means we can ensure you get only the best and most unique coffee from around the world, and our Nicaragua Cerro de Jesus coffee is no exception.

About the farm-

The municipality of Jalapa is located in the ‘Cordillera Dipilto’ in Nueva Segovia. Finca Cerro de Jesus sits on the highest mountain in the area and occupies a total area of 280 hectares, with 126 hectares in coffee.

Before processing, the coffee cherry selection is meticulous. Readings of the sugar content provide a reliable indicator of true ripeness before picking.  Before drying cherries whole as a natural proccessed lot, further sorting is then carried out to ensure that the cherries will dry consistently over the next fifteen days, resulting in the sweet and fruity flavour.

Want to know more?

Where - Jalapa, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

How - Naturally processed at 1100 - 1450 masl

Flavours - Clementines and oranges with a sweet finish

Strength - Rich and creamy mouth-feel

What you'll get-

One 240g bag of fresh coffee


All our coffee is available as whole bean or ground, so please let us know which you'd like when you make your selection!

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