Product Description

Pudding in a cup? Yes please! Start your day the right way with our Peruvian coffee packed full of chocolate and caramel flavour notes.

Roasted in-house in our Midlands-based artisan roastery, all of our coffee is sourced to make sure only you get the best single origin coffee we can find. We roast to order, so you can be sure that what you receive has been been roasted just days before it reaches your doorstep.


About the coffee:

Where - Amazonas: Jaen, Cajamarca and Chiclayo, Peru

How - Washed at 900- 1800 masl

Flavours - Chocolate and sweet with caramel notes

Strength - Medium body with a citrus acidity


About the farm:

This bean is cultivated in northern Peru and grown under a canopy of shade. Most shade-grown coffees mature at a slower rate, allowing the natural sugar present in the beans to develop more fully and, as a result, create flavours that are richer. The MCM coffee is distinguished by a pleasing sweetness.

Most of Peru’s coffee is grown along the forest-clad eastern slopes of the rugged Andes mountain range, at elevations of between 900 and 1800 meters. The most well-known producer, of arguably the best Peruvian Coffee, is done so through the help of domestic and foreign aid organizations. Peru’s hard-working coffee growers focus their efforts on producing superior coffee, that is largely shade-grown, environmentally friendly, hand-tended, hand-picked, and solar dried.


What you'll get:

One 240g bag of fresh coffee



All our coffee is available as whole bean or ground, so please let us know which you'd like when you make your selection!


What else do we do:

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