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Tanzania Robusta


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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Washed and sun dried at 1400 – 1800 masl


Black tea, kiwi, chocolate, lemon and blackberry


Rich in acidity and body, sweet taste and balanced



Get a cup of tea in your cup of coffee – you didn’t read wrong, fruity, tea and citrus, all in a cup of this Tanzania Robusta coffee!

It is estimated that about 400,000 farming families obtain revenue from coffee, and the crop comprises about 20 percent of Tanzania’s export earnings. Tanzania is the third largest coffee producer in Africa and produces about one percent of the world’s coffee.

Somewhat similar to Kenyan coffee, Tanzania coffee reviews also exhibits a bright and vibrant, wine-y acidity, sometimes even sharp, and with a deep, rich, and strong taste. Typically with a medium to full body that is intense and creamy, a fine Tanzania coffee has tasting notes of a sweet berry-like, fruity flavor and sometimes notes of cedar.


What you’ll get:

One 240g bag of fresh coffee, whole bean or ground to suit your brewing method.

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