Product Description

Our Nicaraguan Rancho Alegre coffee; packed full of chocolate and cherry flavours.

Working closely with the UK's best artisan roasters, who pay directly to the coffee farmers, means we can ensure you get only the best and most unique coffee from around the world, and our Nicaraguan Rancho Alegre coffee is no exception.

About the farm-

Nicaragua is a nation with considerable pedigree when it comes to coffee.  Production first began here in the middle of the 19th century, and quickly rose to become the nation’s number one export.  The country’s warm climate, plentiful rainfall and favourable soil conditions make cultivating great Arabica here possible.  And, with the help of the spread of modern farming techniques and improved infrastructure, Nicaraguan farmers are finally realising the potential of their land.

This coffee comes from the Rancho Alegre, a twenty-one hectare farm in the country’s Matagalpa region.  There, coffee is harvested by hand from Caturra trees.  The pickers are trained to pick only the ripest cherries – which are pulped, and then moved to large fermentation tanks where the final bits of fruit are removed.  This process of washing ensures that the final coffee is clean and juicy.

This particular specimen has wonderful balance and body – and one which is flexible enough to work both as an espresso or a filter-coffee.  It’s sweet and juicy, with notes of demerara sugar strongly in evidence in the cup.


Want to know more?

Where - Matagalpa, Macizo de Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua

How - Washed at 1280 - 1400 masl

Flavours - Chocolate and cherries

Strength - Sweet and juicy, with notes of demerara sugar

What you'll get-

One 240g bag of fresh coffee


All our coffee is available as whole bean or ground, so please let us know which you'd like when you make your selection!

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