Turkish Coffee Sour Cocktail Kit


Who doesn’t love a coffee cocktail!

Combining our freshly roasted artisan coffee, we’ve created a range of coffee cocktails that we think you’ll love!

Our Turkish Coffee Sour Cocktail, is a perfect warming cocktail for those cold, darker days. Filled with rum and spice, this cocktail is so moreish! And you’ll definitely be left wanting more!

Each of our cocktail kits includes a 240g bag of coffee, ground to your chosen brew method or left whole bean, and all the dry ingredients needed to make 4 cocktails. An ingredients card will be included along with instructions on how to make the cocktail. All you need to do is find your favourite cocktail shaker and get ready to get the party started!

Just choose from one of the following coffees –

– Colombia Inza – Green apple, blackberry, grapefruit, chocolate

– Ethiopia Boleya – Blackberry, floral, orange, rose

– Burundi Agahore – Lemon, chocolate, apricot, blood orange

– Guatemala Cuchumatan – Chocolate, plum, tonic, strawberry

– El Salvador Los Nogales – Blackberry, raspberry, peach, elderflower

– Rwanda Karasha – Burdock, orange, pink grapefruit, brown sugar


For this recipe, the only ingredients you will need to supply are a lemon and egg whites.


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