V60 Set

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Making great coffee doesn’t have to be difficult, messy or expensive. Using a Hario V60 set will give you great tasting coffee without making too much of a mess. And the best? It’s single use, so no more wasting your precious coffee!

Designed in 2004, the V60, named so as its conical shape is 60 degrees in angle, is infamous for producing a clean bright cup of coffee using paper filters.

Our V60 set has everything you need to get you started; a clear plastic V60, a pack of 40 filters and a scoop. There is also the option to add a 65g bag of coffee to your order so that all you need is a kettle and your favourite mug!

Why not add a bag of freshly roasted coffee to get you started. Ground, ready to use in your V60, and our choice of coffee that we think you’ll love!

Fancy going big and picking some coffees? Check out our range of single origin coffees here.

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  • *Add Sugar Spoons
  • Add a 65g bag of coffee?